Near the mouth of the Altamaha River in southeastern Georgia is said to reside a hissing sea monster. Called Altamaha-ha, for the river, or “Altie” for short, the legend predates British-English colonization and is said to have originated with the Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe.

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The exact nature of the Altamaha-ha is as 
mysterious as the domain in which it lives. 
Some, of course, say it is nothing but floating 
logs, masses of vegetation or known marine 
creatures. Believers, however, tell of a 30-foot 
long animal with flippers like a seal.

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One of the most recent reports was from 2002 when a man who was pulling a boat up the river near Brunswick reported seeing something over twenty feet in length and six feet wide break the water. The man reported that the animal seemed to emerge from the water to get air and then submerge again beneath the depths. 

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Anatomy of the Altamaha-ha
The West side of the Darien Bridge
Artist Ann Davis illustration
Altamaha River near Butler Island
Legend of the local waters


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