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The City of Darien was established in 1736 as a military outpost by Scottish Highlanders under the command of General James Oglethorpe, making this historic town the second-oldest planned town in Georgia.

A visit to Darien and McIntosh County will be full of phenomenal fresh seafood and local produce, astounding amounts of history, beautiful scenery and photo opportunities with local flora and fauna, and a chance to reconnect with nature in a million different ways.

From boating to hiking to birding or kayaking, there is something for everyone in this genuine jewel of a small town.  After you do as much as you can in a day, eat at one of our fabulous local restaurants, and then take advantage of the wonderful Bed & Breakfasts, hotels, or vacation rentals and stay to do more or to do it over again.

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1111 Magnolia Bluff Way Suite 410

Darien, GA  31305


The Excursion with David Zelski 

filmed in McIntosh County in 2019


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Pictures Courtesy of Greg Bartush IV and Miranda Sutphen

Photo Credit:  Miranda Sutphen